Arthur Lancaster

Dr Arthur Lancaster
Age: 32
Ht/Wt: 6ft 3in / 222 lbs.
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown

Dr. Arthur Lancaster was the chief shipping clerk of the East India Company taking up the responsibilities of maintaining the shipping logs and records for the company. He began his career as a field shipping agent in charge of transporting goods from location to location. He was attached to her Royal Highnesses Armed Forces stationed in Cairo, Egypt where he met his future friend Sgt. Charles McAllister.

After years of service, Dr. Lancaster finally secured a position in a branch of the East India Company stationed in Mexico City. With a well paying job and a staff of his own, Arthur invested in a coffee plantation east of Mexico City and moved his wife Abigail and daughter Rene to the plantation. To help with the responsibilities of the plantation, he secured the services of his friend Sgt. McAlister.

In the last couple of months, livestock and equipment have been disappearing from the plantation which has had Arthur concerned. Lancaster and McAlister began organizing the plantation workers to search for the missing property when the workers started disappearing themselves.

Arthur Lancaster

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