Spirit of the Century: Tides of War

Tides of War - Episode 1

Spirit of the Century – Tides of War Ep 1.

El Paso, Tx

The vigilante(Duke), the detective(Lynch), and the smuggler (), were called in by Mr Hastings to meet with Mrs. Abigail Lancaster, a recent widow of an ally of the Century Club. Her husband, Dr Arthur Lancaster, disappeared 3 weeks ago after his searching party entered the jungles of the Yucatan seeking properties stolen from their coffee plantation. Other search parties have tried to locate them, but to no avail. Mr Hastings has requested that the trio of Century Club members assist Mrs Lancaster in locating her husband and missing properties.

The plan was to embark by railway to Mexico City to meet her husband’s associate Sgt. McCallister and use other transportation to reach the coffee plantation. During the train trip, the trio along with other passengers were assaulted by 9 bandits decked out in jaguar skins, armed with hard wood clubs and obsidian blades. Duke, Lynch, and () quickly dispatched the armed combatants, capturing once in the process.

Under interrogation the prisoner, who spoke in Portuguese and possessed a strong scent of honeysuckle and bore tattoo carvings upon his body of a Aztec Jaguar, stated he was a member of the Ghost Jaguar Cult seeking a lost artifact, a ceremonial sacrifice dagger which was in the possession of Mrs. Lancaster.

Upon arrival at Mexico City, the trio met with Sgt. McCalister and departed by horse to the plantation. Lynch sent a telegraph message back to the Century Society regarding the dagger and the incident on the train.The group then ventured to the plantation where Sgt. McCallister reviewed the situation with the Century Club members, indicating that the items taken from the plantation included sickles, rope, shovels, gloves, a plow blade, and 1 of the 3 plantation oxen. The sergeant suspects that the local workers are behind the theft but the multiple searches of the local village has turned up no proof to this effect. When asked about noticing any suspicious activity around the village, Abigail stated that she and her daughter Rene venture into the village during the day to teach the local children the 3 R’s (reading, writing, arithmetic) to help them improve their lives.

Upon arrival at the plantation, Duke took notice of the scent of honeysuckles in the area. One of the locals identified a local flower called hechicera respirar, a local flower, deep purple in color with a bright yellow stamen.

The following telegraph was returned from Mr Hastings:

Ms Lynch.

Thank you for contacting me in regards to the dagger and incident on the train. I did not believe it at first, but this confirms that you are dealing with the Spirit Jaguar Cult. They are a cult of indigenous people trying to prevent the outside world from affecting their way of life. The last time the Century Club dealt with them was 30 years ago when Sir Thomas Jameson prevented them from overthrowing the local government. The evidence provided in your telegraph is contradictory to the previous records of the cult and leads me to believe that they maybe under new leadership. Find out what you can about the new leadership of the cult. Also extend my apologies to Mrs. Lancaster for my doubt of her plight.

Mr Hastings

Current Clues:

Ghost Jaguar Cult 30 yrs ago:
- made up of local tribes of the Yucatan
- trying to perserve their culture against current government
- attempted to overthrow local government

Ghost Jaguar Cult now:
- speaks Portugese
- has tribal tatoos
- smells of honeysuckles

hechicera respirar – local plant that smells of honeysuckle

missing equipment from plantation:
- sickles
- rope
- shovels
- gloves
- a plow blade
- 1 of the 3 plantation oxen.



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